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Comm Status & Credits

I will likely be deleting all posts that do not retain to Leverageland. I have saved every graphic I have made and may repost them in a new comm at a future date but for now nothing new will be added to this comm. ETA: Okay I am not deleting every non LL post but this comm is still closed to new content!

Unless otherwise noted I get my screencaps from grande_caps, kissthemgoodbye.net, or screencapped.net.
(IM3) Tony/Pepper 1

mission_insane Master Table

01. Themed Table 02. Themed Table 03. Un-Themed Table 04. Un-Themed Table
05. 'Inspired By' Table 06. 'Inspired By' Table 07. Hurt/Comfort 08. Fluff
09. Pick Your Own Table 10. Pick Your Own Table 11. Pick Your Own Table 12. Pick Your Own Table
13. Pick Your Own Table 14. Pick Your Own Table 15. Pick Your Own Table 16. Pick Your Own Table
17. Pick Your Own Table 18. Pick Your Own Table 19. Pick Your Own Table 20. Pick Your Own Table
(IM3) Tony/Pepper 1

12_stories Occasions Table

01. Spring / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
02. Summer / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
03. Autumn (Fall) / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
04. Winter / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
05. Christmas / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
06. New Year / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
07. Valentine's Day / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
08. Thankgiving / Untitled / Rated (WIP)
09. Birthday / On the Beach / Rated (WIP)
10. Anniversary / Untitled / Rated G (WIP)
11. Birth / A New Day Has Come / Rated PG (Complete)
12. Death / When You're Gone / Rated PG-13 (WIP)

Dear mod, the lines were not showing up very well in my layout choice so I improvised my own "table".
(IM3) Tony/Pepper 1

My Card hc_bingo Round 5

atonement bites hallucinations rejection group support
imprisonment witch hunt undeserved reputation grief family
dungeons trapped between realities WILD CARD pneumonia bruises
telepathic trauma slaves unwanted transformation bodyguards heat stroke
hugs moving branding caught in a robbery cuddling

Parallel diagonal bingo: Hallucinations, rejection, grief, family, bruises
(IM3) Tony/Pepper 1

10_hurt_comfort DIY Table

1. Thunderstorm / Flashes of Light / Rated G
2. Fear /
Title Withheld Chapter 3 / Rated PG-13 (WIP)
3. Death / When You're Gone / Rated PG-13 (WIP)
4. Family / Make You Happy / Rated PG

5. Tears / It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday / Rated PG (WIP)
6. Baby / The Light of You Will Stay / Rated PG-13 (WIP)
7. PTSD / Ghosts of Reach / Rated PG (WIP)
8. Betrayed / Title Withheld Chapter 5 / Rated PG-13 (WIP)
9. Stalemate / Poison and Wine / Rated PG (WIP)
10. Family Secret / Let the Rain Come Down / Rated PG (WIP)

Sorry 10_hurt_comfort mod but this layout doesn't like the lines in the table so I improvised!

Also most of these are stories in progress so there are just titles without any links yet!